Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game

Created by Sinister Beard Games

A tabletop RPG about found family, queerness and gigantic robots made of meat. Be gay. Pilot mechs. Kill Nazis.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Quick correction re and retail pre-orders now available
23 days ago – Sun, Sep 04, 2022 at 05:57:03 AM

Heya, in the last update I said you could get to the pre-order site via - that should have actually been (the non secure version as it's only a redirect URL and dealing with SSL certificates is Not Fun). Kickstarter won't let me edit old updates, so you get a whole new one! Lucky you!

If you're a retailer, there's now a pre-order tier just for you and your fabulous friendly local game store (FFLGS). You can get 6 copies of Meatpunks for the reduced price of £125 here:

Production wise, we're in the final stages of getting all the art done, and if you've got one of the special "get a meatmech drawn" pledges, please send in your brief! We literally can't complete the game without you! 

Here's a recent piece of art by Kasha Mika featuring the Faceless and a Meatpunks the computer game easter egg! 

Keep it meaty, The Meatpunks Team.

The Faceless! Burrow Corn! Meat!

Surveys are out! Get yours in by October!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 09:36:41 PM

Hey meatpunks!

Hopefully by now you should have got your Backerkit survey, which you'll need to complete to get your rewards (and thank you to the 84% who already have, go to the top of the class). This is *especially* important for those of you delightful folks who opted to have your own Meatsona drawn or wanted your name included as an easter egg, as we need your input before we can finish the book!

If you haven't filled out your survey yet, check those inboxes - and if you think you haven't received one (and you should have, it's all automated), then you can request a new one from

And now's a great time to spread the meatpunk love like meatpaste on a fresh burrowcorn loaf - all your friends who missed out on the campaign and have been cursing their very existence ever since can get in on the action by pre-ordering at

Surveys have to be in before the start of October though sooner is better, especially if you're at one of the pledges that features you in the book.

Progress wise, the book is written, edited and laid out and we're just getting the remaining art finished. We're so close we can taste it... tastes like... bacon?

More as it happens!

Stay meaty and don't forget to be gay, pilot mechs, and kill Nazis.

Running Up That Meat Hill (A Deal with the Fleshgod)
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 08:25:08 AM

Hey Meatpunks! 

First of all, happy Pride month! We're putting extra emphasis on the being gay right now, while still remembering our mech-piloting and Nazi killing duties.

This is a short update to let you know we're getting really close now. The text is all laid out so there's just some more art to commission and some editing and proofing to be done before we can get the PDF out to all you beautiful backers! If you backed at the Meat-Egg, Meatsona or Extremely Limited Meatpunks levels, we'll be in touch soon to quiz you about your contributions to Meat World!

Hugs, kisses and solidarity forever, The Meatpunks team.

Text complete! So many words!
5 months ago – Sun, Apr 17, 2022 at 02:39:20 PM

Hey everyone! Guess who's got the complete text of Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game? 

It's me! And also possibly you, but only if you've hacked me, in which case stop that, go take down Stormfront or something instead, you talented hacker you, it's not ready yet.

The writing on this book is so good, y'all. Heather and Aura have delivered the exact game we sold you, and more. You were ready for queer anti-fascist action but I don't think you're quite ready for how it's also the funniest anticapitalist tract, or how much it hates San Francisco. Seriously, this book *hates* San Francisco.

I'm currently pulling everything together into one cohesive document, and then it'll be off to our editor! Can't wait to get it to you!

The Honey Artist, by Kasha Mika

New updates! New art! New due date!
9 months ago – Sun, Jan 09, 2022 at 11:27:36 PM

Greeting meatpunks one and all!

Things are progressing well despite capitalism's and the modern world's best efforts to kill us all! The revised and expanded rules are so close to being done that we can almost taste their burnt acrid secretions, and the world of... well, Meatworld... is expanding at a frankly alarming rate. You know that bit at the end of Society? And that bit at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Those, but mashed up, in tabletop rpg form.

Due to issues mentioned in the last update, plus, y'know, the ongoing global pandemic, we're running a bit behind our predicted schedule, but we're all back and running at full speed now. We're hoping to have the PDF version of the game with you some time in the Summer, probably around the anniversary of the Kickstarter campaign. If we can get it to you sooner, we absolutely will! Printed copies will follow afterwards.

We'd like to thank you in advance for your patience. We want to make sure you get the best, meatiest, punkiest game possible and we couldn't do that by rushing. In return, have some new art! Here is The Meatborn, a human who's become infected with meatagens and become somewhere between Tetsuo: The Iron Man and a full English breakfast.

We hope you're having a better day than they are!

Love and kisses, The Meatpunks Team